About Avalon

The World : Alongside Earth lies another world, and alternate dimensions composed of magical creatures. At certain times, the worlds touch, creating a gateway between the two worlds, allowing those of the other side to come to Earth. This is Avalon....

The story takes place far into the future, where men have colonized other planets, most much like Earth itself. However, the vampires has founded their own colony upon a sunless, wandering planet: Nocteria.

With vampires, werewolves, and other half-demon races, a new wave of religion has swept over the world bringing back the ancient Knight Templar to fight of these horrifying creatures. Humans manage to live somewhat peacefully in the day and hide in fear at night. Only the brave and stupid wander out in the streets at night in this vampire infested world.

The story of Avalon begins on Nocteria where Tadashi, a former slave of Tetsu, tries to get revenge on his Master. The fun begisn from there. If you wish to know more about Avalon such as it's races and organizations, please click on the links below.

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