Nocteria, now a planet ruled by the vampires was once a colony established to mine a valuable and rare rock called Noctun. The human's greed for this rock became their downfall, for once the vampires were strong enough they claimed the sunless planet as their own. Here is a quote from the story "Tainted" to explain the situation on Nocteria:

In the city of No Hope certain humans could be registered. Nocteria was first colonized simply to mine a valuable rock called Noctun. However, soon the vampires seized the sunless planet and civilization there fell. The vampires soon realized that if they destroy it completely they would most likely die. They needed to keep a port open for trade and for importing more humans. They also needed slaves. So they kept the humans that didn't have enough money to leave alive. Every human had to pay a fee in order to be "registered". Once registered they received a barcode mark on their neck and then served the vampires. They could be fed upon but not killed. There was some semblance of law in No Hope, such as a human Mayor that negotiated with the vampires for human rights. The vampires with the most money realized the value of humans as not only food but also labor for mining the valuable rock that made them rich.

It wasn't as if the vampires couldn't run a port on their own, they just needed leverage against armies that might be tempted to bomb them. If they could pay them off with money, they were safe. And they made their money two ways. The rock worth millions, and humans. Humans were kidnapped and brought to Nocteria for the slave market. Also, only first-born children could be registered with the exception of twins. If it's triplets or more, you're out of luck. Any child found to be unregistered was put into the market. That too made millions. Despite this growing market, the vampires in charge kept to their word and executed death upon any vampire that sold a registered human or killed one. This made it so humans did not die out on Nocteria, but they were still a minority. A wretched one at that. They were sheep in a wolf's den and knew it. Some humans were stupid enough to come of their own free will, but most were trapped. Few saved enough money to leave. Few.

The city of No Hope is a rundown peice of trash. It only survives on the pain and labour of humans as the slaves of Vampire. There are parts of No Hope that aren't rundown. These parts are occupied by the rich vampires that run the city. Humans are usually forbidden from these parts of the city unless accompanied by their master.


In the setting of Avalon we are 400 years into the future where science and technology have increased greatly allowing humans to venture to other planets. Spacetravel is commonplace as well as vampires. The humans of earth now live in fear of these vampires and demons. Humans have adjusted to the change, however, conducting most of their business during the day. While the night has been taken over by the vampires, humans still brave it. Many have business just to accomadate vampires. The whole feel of Earth has changed from what it was 400 years ago. It's definately a more frightening place.


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