Vampires are immortal creatures that feed off the blood of others to survive. The first of their kind are half-demon, half-human and the result is one stronger than a human, but weaker than a demon. Being sterile, they learned how to multiply using other methods, such as turning a human into a vampire. They are notoriously hard to kill, the best methods being silver, sunlight, and decapitation. Religious objects of any kind have no effect whatsoever.


Faeries are happy-go-lucky sprites, originally of the world of Avalon. There are many sub-races of faeries and they come in all sizes. They usually have wings and light hair and eyes.


Humans are the dominant race and populate most of earth. There are very few on Nocteria and some colonized upon other planets. With the Gate of Avalon open and magical creatures once again roaming the land, the humans have learned to deal with such things, though it isnít always a good thing....


Elves are a reclusive race. They appear much like humans, except for their delicately pointed ears and slanted, cat-like eyes. They are magical creatures, possessing innate magical abilities that have to do with natural things.


The ancient and one of the most powerful of races, the dragons. Large, sleek, and beautiful, they come in many forms. They are rare and one who sees a dragon usually counts himself as blessed....especially if he isnít the meal.


Demons come in many forms and sub-species. The Demon Lords are the ones that must be reckoned with, being the most powerful and intelligent of all the demons. It is extremely rare for a human to meet a demon. They usually keep to the land of Avalon.


Angeths are an inferior race to the godly beings known as Angels. Like angels, they can become fallen if they brake God's sacred rules. More information on them can be found here.


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