Knight Templar

During the Crusades, the Knight Templar waged war to take back the Holy Land. Afterward, they were charged of crimes against the Church and excommunicated. In the times that vampires and demons walk the Earth again, the Knights have risen once more to battle against this evil.

Their order is strong and has many followers. The new Grandmaster, a man named Damros has helped bring victory after victory against the vampires and is revered as a hero even if his ways may be fanatical.

The order is much like it was during the Crusades, an army devoted to god. It's members chaste and pure, killing evil in the name of god. Of course, that said, it's a rather hypocritical order but with the fear of vampires and demons breathing down the human's neck, no one cares. They welcome the order that saves them from the damned.

The Knight Templar has gained many followers and has many bases, even one based on Nocteria.

The Creatures of the Night Organization (CNO)

The CNO is a group of people who believe that vampires are misunderstood and, given a chance, can become proper members of society. This belief spread rather fast as a last clinging hope to save humanity from the vampires. Many have abandoned this foolish hope, but despite that the organization goes strong. It's run by the delusional who's fear give way to reason. Many teens have ended up joining the cult because they yearn for the romanticized view of vampires...or for a way to piss off their parents.

The CNO is looked upon less as the political organization it once was and is now considered a gothic vampire cult that sways children from reason to fantasy. The vampires look upon the idiotic members of the CNO with scorn. However, they do often use them for a free source of food.


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