Welcome to the Avalon Store, brought to you by Cafepress. You currently have a choice of some select premade items that cost $1-2 above the base price. However, if you would like to request a certain item, you may. Details are below. All money made goes towards maintaining the manga.

Premade Items

Premade Items are products put together by Ely for general sale. They cost about $1-2 above the base price and can be found on the cafepress store page.

Request an Item

Because we have a free account and are too poor to get a paid one, we can only display one product at a time. Because of this, we allow people to request an item. As in, if you see an already drawn image on a shirt, or just in general and want to buy it on certain shirt, we will accomadate you. Just e-mail Ely and let us know what item you would like to have and the image you want on it. The price bracket will remain pretty much the same.

Commissioned Item

You can also ask for a commissioned item. As in, you tell Rae what you want drawn and put on the shirt. Depending on what you want drawn, the product will be $5-10 above the asking price. Details will be worked out once you e-mail me.

Coming Soon

DA Prints - Rae is looking in to getting her art on the DA prints program so you can buy quality art prints of either Rae's Avalon work or other works.
Posters - Eventually I will have Avalon posters Available on DA...once I figure out how to make them. X_x

We hope you help support Avalon by buying one of our wonderful T-shirts or various items.

If you would simply like to support us by donating to us, you may do so with paypal. Thank you.


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