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Welcome to the Miscellaneous gallery where you'll find art by Ely and San as well as crossover images, chibis, and collaborations. Unlike the main gallery, the images are text links. There are also no prints available in this section.

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Note: Lineart: Rae - Colouring: Ely

Damaen's #1 Fear By Wifey
This is a Crossover with Angel Reaper, our affiliate and Wifey's own comic. Go read, it's fun! Anyways, I got 3750 hits, so I got a picture! And I requested Damaen, with Charon if she wanted. And since Twiggy (a Character from AR) is in it, I figure it deserves to be in crossovers. I loved this picture. I cracked up laughing when I saw it, because yes...Damaen is TERRIFIED of spiders. Damn arachniphobia.
Tadashi and Seijaku By Rae
This picture isn't a crossover with any webcomic. Seijaku is a character Rae made that belongs to an RP we do called Lunar Tear. But, it's still a crossover because Seijaku and Tadashi don't exist in the same worlds...so yeah. Seijaku is a j-rocker, bisexual, one hell of a flirt, and very promiscuous. ^_^;;
Tadashi's Birthday By Wifey
Here's a little guestcomic for Tadashi's birthday featuring Taylor from Angel Reaper. :D
Got Lube? By Ely
This would be Damaen and Talis from Sublunary. It's such cheesy joke, I love it. Yummy, yummy, yummy.
Fun With markers By Rae
A picture of Tadashi and Chase (an RP character created by M) having a Marker fight. Very amusing.
KOS Antoine by Rae
This sort of is a crossover. Basically it's Antoine (Charon) in a Knights of Solomnia outfit for a Dragonlance RP called the KC where Antoine is played.


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