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NOTE: Some of these comics are rated R for language and implications of gay sex.

Prostitution By Ely
How could I not. This outtake was screaming at me!
Rated: R

Gun Sex By Ely
I swear this is Tetsu's fault, not mine! Tadashi got the idea from Tetsu! I promise! He's the perverted one! He's the one you should blame!
Rated: R

Bandages By Ely
I just...can't explain the stupidity. Laugh...you know you want to.
Rated: PG-13

Anal Probe By Ely
I have a sick sick mind.
Rated: PG-13

Big Dick By Ely
There's probably a lot of truth to this. You never know.
Rated: R

Porn By Ely
This was partly Rae's idea. We're so silly. ^^;;
Rated: PG-13

Horny By Ely
Damaen could tell you the truth to what Charon claims here...yep.
Rated: R

Avalon Bug By Wifey
This outtake was drawn by wifey. Ely loves it cuz it's so funny...poor Tei. ^^;;
Rated: PG

Avalon Chibi Theatre By Rae
This outtake was drawn a while ago and I've actually been sitting on it for some time. It was drawn by Rae and coloured by Ely. If you're wondering why Damaen isn't in it...well at the time he wasn't a main character. He sort of weasled his way into being one. Ely loves the Charon chibi!
Rated: PG

Can't Resist By Wifey
This is a birthday present from Wifey to Rae. Gotta love Jaq and Zak. ^_^
Rated: PG

Avalon Spoof By Ramsey
And here would be the reason everyone complains about Jaq's bitchiness.
Rated: PG

Avalon Flasher By Wifey
It's okay Tetsu, we're only mocking you. We know you've got the goods.
Rated: PG-13

Stalker By Kentsuki
How do you get rid of an insane stalker bug?
Rated: PG

Pain By Lynn
Some people take kinky sex way to far. o.o;
Rated: PG-13


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