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FAQ written by Ely. Revised and Edited by Rae on July 16, 2006.

Can you update Avalon sooner?
No. Rae has a job, and working on other projects. Ava's a just for fun thing.

Rae, can you draw me *insert request here*
Sorry, but no. Rae has too many projects. Occasionally she will open commissions.

Ely, can you draw me *insert request here*
Noooo! Whay would you want my art? *runs and hides*

I can't see the Avalon comic pages. All I get is a blank screen. How can I fix this?
The only two solutions I know of are: a) Delete temporary internet files or b) disable your firewall. (Comicgenesis often doesn't work if there's a firewall still up.) If these solutions do not work for you, then I'm sorry. You'll have to wait till the whole chapter is avaliable in .zip files for download.

Are people allowed to draw fanarts or write fanfiction?
Of course! However, tracing and copying are frowned upon. We prefer to see something new, that YOU thought up!

Can I make icons (LJ, Aim, etc...) using Rae's images?
Yes. We don't require that you ask permission, however we DO require that you credit us for the characters and art. It's always a good idea to credit the artist when making icons of their art.

Is it okay if I make an RPG based on Avalon and use Avalon's characters?
Yes. However there are conditions. You MUST credit and link back to us, especially if you're using official artwork.

Can I send you fanart or fanfiction?
Sure! We love fanworks. ^.^ Just make sure the art is formatted in .jpg or .gif and that fanfictions are sent as an attachment in word.doc. Also, don't expect to see them on the Avalon page. Sorry, but if you want to share your fanart or fanfiction with everyone else, please go to the Avalon forums.

Can I use your art for my website or RPG character?
Any AVALON artwork may be used for websites ONLY if there is credit AND a link back to us.

Can I use your art and claim it as my own?
No, what the hell is wrong with you?!

Can I use your art to practice my own?
Yes, however DO NOT post it publicly and claim it as your own. Rae and I recognize the use of other people's art as a learning tool, but copying another person's image is not your own original art and should never be used as such. If you do so, it IS considered art theft and we WILL take actions against it.

I found Rae's/Ely's artwork on a website. The person was claiming it as their own, what should I do?
Please report it to the authorities of wherever the stolen artwork has been posted. If it's in a forum or a gallery like DevianArt, then reporting it to the moderators will do. If it's on their own website, reporting it the person's ISP or Webhost will do.

Will you link exchange with me?
Sure! Send us the link and we'll add you to the link exchange section.

You didn't answer my question. Why is that?
Most likely it's because you asked a question already answered in this FAQ. If you don't take the time to read this, then we won't take the time to answer your questions. (Unless, of course we told you to contact us for the answer to the question in the FAQ) However, if that isn't the case, then it means Rae and I are being a little slow..>.> But don't worry, we reply to every e-mail eventually! (Except of course, e-mails asking questions already answered here. ^_^)

After reading the FAQ, if you still need to contact us please feel free to do so! All comments on the comic are welcome. ^_^


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