Name: Zakius Caelis

Race: Dark Angeth

Age: ---

Occupation: Fighter, Jaq's Molester

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Red

Birthday: ---

Zodiac: ---

Personality: He hates anything god-related, and he gives most people the cold-shoulder. He acts all strong and stuff, but when he's with Jaq he's just a loveable little horny puppy.

History: He was an angeth in God's little guard thing, sent out to do the dirty work, basically. A scholar and one of the strongest fighters, one day his friend disappeared, and was listed as a fallen. If anyone found her, they were to bring her back for trial. Zak went to find her first and get the story, pissed that she would leave like that. He found her with a human, and when he found out she was in love with the human, he killed the human and went to take her back. They fought and he killed her too. When he went back to heaven, he was exiled for murdering a lower race and one of their own.


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