Name: Tetsu

Race: Ancient Vampire

Age: ?

Occupation: Rapist, Murderer, Pet Collector, and Uuber Bad Guy

Hair Colour: Frosty White

Eye Colour: True Blue

Birthday: ---

Zodiac: Leo

Personality: Tetsu is a despicable and sadistic bastard. He's obsessed with Tadashi, and also enjoys keeping cute young men as his sex slaves. He's the ultimate evil though calm and calculating. He's the master manipulation.

History: Born to a demon father and human mother, he was one of the first vampires ever created. Early on he took the name Tetsu so that nobody could have power over him. Denied the full power and birthrights of a demon he aspires to become one. He recently took up residence in a church in Nocteria and Damaen and Charon are currently his favorite pets.


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