Name: Tadashi Shirou

Race: Vampire

Age: 1063

Occupation: Gunslinger

Hair Colour: Black w/ Blonde Tips on Bangs

Eye Colour: Green

Birthday: January 6

Zodiac: Capricorn

Personality: He's obnoxious and loud, as well as a chain smoker and a drunk. He's got a tough exterior though he's a softy on the inside.

History: Tadashi was born in Japan in a time of intense civil war. When he was just a young a teen, Tetsu brutally murdered his parents and then raped him. Afterwards he became a bandit because he couldn't survive on his own. When he was older he met Tetsu again and tried to get revenge, though he failed. As a result he was turned into a vampire and kept as Tetsu's sex slave for hundreds of years. He has made many escaped attempts in the past, most of them failing. In his most recent attempt he's been free for about ten years.


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