Other Characters

Llorn was once a member of the CNO, a cult of vampire worshippers. He eventually met Tetsu who took him in as a pet for about a year then sent him to Tadashi who killed him off quickly. While he only appeared in about 4 pages, people seem to like him a lot because he's a pretty red head. Want to know more about him? Read his story.
Euryale is a gorgon and quite a bitch. She's been employed by Tetsu for years and is partnered up with the elf, Aleisdaen.
Grandmaster Damros
Damros is the current Grandmaster of the Knight Templar. He's a strict, pious, and zealous man who had a hand in raising Jaques Drake and his brother when their parents died. He never stops in his quest to rid the world of what he deems evil and his current target is Tetsu.


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