Name: Micheal Evyln

Race: Human (Immortal)

Age: 2,421

Occupation: Murder, Rapist, and Fighter

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Birthday: ---

Zodiac: ---

Personality: Micheal is an evil bastard with a love for causing a pain. He only does things for himself or Tetsu and has no respect for anyone else. He can be playful at times and loves to tease and torture people. So basically he's just insane.

History: Micheal was born around the time of Jesus. He even met the guy and watched his execution. As a young boy his father beat him, so he returned the favor by brutally murdering him and his mother. He learned how to fight because he joined the Roman Army on a whim and abandoned it in his late twenties. Soon after he met a noblewoman named Villana who managed to ensnare him and use him as a puppet for her pleasure. He had to put up with her for a few years, but eventually he yanked the strings out of Villana's hands and brutally raped and murdered her. It was around that time that Micheal acquired immortality and everlasting youth. How he managed it has been kept a secret for the hundreds of years he's been alive. Before he reached the age of 2000, he came across an escaped Tadashi and tried to claim him as his own. Tetsu, of course, found Tadashi with Micheal and a fight for ownership ensued. Surprisingly no one won. They ended the fight in a truce and decided it would be beneficial to them both to form an alliance. That alliance has never been broken and has only strengthened over the years. Now Micheal has been friends for at least 1000 years, and is very likely the strongest human alive with extensive knowledge of combat and magicks to help him in combat.


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