Name: Damaen Callaghan

Race: Vampire

Age: 19

Occupation: Hacker, Tetsu's Pet

Hair Colour: Black w/ Blue Tips on the Bangs

Eye Colour: Hazel (Dark Green and Brown)

Birthday: March 19

Zodiac: Pisces

Personality: Damaen is usual shy and quiet, though he can be bitchy at times. He's a kind caring person at heart, but doesn't get a chance to show it very often. His willingness to help others is only outmatched by the depression he has caused by the situation he's in. However, when he makes a friend, he loves them passionately and would do anything for them.

History: Damaen was born to a middle class working family in Boston, Ma and has two sisters. One was older that went into the Knight Templar, and one was younger who he had a hand in raising. When he was 16 his parents died in a fire started by his mother's cigarette. It was then he decided to leave Boston and start up a life as a mercenary with some friends: Lena, Mani, and Pierce. He spent two happy years with them, using his skills as a hacker to their fullest. However, they were eventually given a job in Nocteria that would be their downfall. Damaen and his friends where ambushed by vampires and Damaen was the only survivor thanks to Charon, who saved him. With nowhere else to go, Damaen went with Charon only to be turned into one of Tetsu's sex slaves soon after. Damaen however fell madly in love with Charon during the year he has spent as Tetsu's pet, and was only very recently turned into a vampire. Not to long afterwards, Damaen discovered he had psychic powers though they are very underdeveloped and kick in sporadically.


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