Name: Charon

Race: Vampire

Age: 30

Occupation: Tetsu's Pet, Interrogator

Hair Colour: Black with white Streaks

Eye Colour: Golden

Birthday: ---

Zodiac: ---

Personality: Charon is insane, as well as obsessed with moths and Damaen. He obeys Tetsu's every word, though he views his existence as a sin. He can be evil, but he can also be very adorable and kind at times.

History: When Charon was 20 he was captured by Tetsu and turned into a pet. The process drove him insane and now he talks in third person without even realizing it. A year ago, Charon ran into a young boy who he decided to save from some vampires. The boy turned out to be Damaen and Charon took him back to Tetsu's lair because Damaen had nowhere else to go. Damaen and Charon soon fell in love, though Tetsu also turned Damaen into one of his pets. So as of now, Damaen and Charon try to keep their love private and secret, and Charon also tries to protect Damaen as often as possible...though he often fails.


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